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Police 035



Mr Lanyon at the shop on Sunday 10 August 2003 at the time that the fabric rolling machine was removed ... one day after receiving Grylls and Paige's letter informing that Butler had won the contract race and wanted to complete on 15 August which meant the shop had to be cleared of all rubbish by then.

However on Monday 11 August it was learnt that the Arthurs refused to sell to her and wanted to sell to Mr Everard instead.

The reason Mr Lanyon is holding a a small piece of fabric stock that Mr Arthur had not stolen removed is to demonstrate it is not "old or musty smelling" as Mr Arthur told the Judge it all was. Whether it was "unfashionable" as Mr Arthur also told the Judge the entire stock was is open for debate.

The look on Mr Lanyon's face would suggest that this piece of fabric is indeed unfashionable which maybe why Mr Arthur left it.



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